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Mar 13, 2011 7:00pm PDT
>>> japan wakes but not from its nightmare. >> my son might have been engulfed by the tsunami. >> a new day brings fresh scenes of devastation. new fears of nuclear disaster. >> we don't know what's going on inside the plant at the moment. >> and an ever rising death toll. tonight the latest, most redeveloping pictures from the worst hit city. as the grim search for survivors continues, relief finally arrives. >> we're over here to help. >> there are dramatic stories of rescue, but an overwhelming sense of despair. >> we lost everything. >> with thousands missing, cities gone -- >> the longer it goes on the less likely we'll find survivors. >> and a proud nation brought to its knees. the very latest with ann curry and lester holt on the disaster in japan. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome to this special edition of "dateline" reporting from tokyo, i'm lester holt. the scope has widened, the death toll has risen astronomically now estimated at more than 10,000 people. it is the gravest crisis japan has faced, leaders say, since world war ii. with the lat
Mar 11, 2011 9:00pm EST
were swaying. quite a scene to see. >> and new worries about japan's nuclear reactors. the death toll continues to rise after a devastating earthquake and massive tsunami that triggered warnings and waves all the way to the west coast. >> when we face these kinds of natural disasters, you think about your own family. >> tonight, the latest pictures and the stories you haven't heard about the disaster in japan. >> and also tonight -- >> she looked at me and said, i'm a princess bride. >> she was radiant. so happy on her wedding day. a small town girl next to her new groom. off they went on their honeymoon, a scuba diving adventure. >> that's the last time i saw her. >> the newlyweds take a leap into the deep and somehow she's gone. >> she was dropping down. she was almost vertical. i couldn't grab her hand. >> he heads to the top for help but suspicions are bubbling up. >> something doesn't smell right. >> what happened beneath the surface. >> the water was clear. i could see her face. >> now a new witness. >> moving her arms like she was in distress. >> a bride lost below. mystery in
Mar 14, 2011 2:00am PDT
, disaster in japan. as a massive earthquake rocks the country. leaving hundreds dead and thousands missing. all eyes are on two nuclear reactors, crippled in the disaster as fears grow over a possible nuclear meltdown. we'll get the very latest. >>> meanwhile, back at home, president obama weighs the use of force in libya. and the clock clicks towards a government shutdown as both sides dig in. >> here's what we know. the republicans in the house passed a budget that has been now rejected in the senate. they are not going to get 100% of what they want. >> democrats want the president to fight with them but so far they say he's remained on the sidelines. with us, chuck schumer of new york. then could this finally be the unofficial start of the 2012 campaign? >> we will reclaim this land and make it greater and greater and greater. >> nothing we have seen in our lifetime as comparable to the level of depth we have to go to get this country back on the right track. >> our exclusive guests this morning, another potential 2012 candidate and a governor on the front lines of the budget battles ha
Mar 21, 2011 2:00am PDT
's leadership. as he manages a crisis in the middle east and confronts the still unfolding dangers from japan's nuclear emergency. with us, nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea
Mar 28, 2011 3:05am EDT
this woman. >> we're marketing a medical device out of japan. >> t.j. markets a holistic healing drink. >> it's wetter, healthier water, medical grade water. >> p.j. says lani called her online and called one day describing himself as a real mover and shaker in the holistic healing scene. he said he was interested in her product and brought ginger along to her house to learn more about it. >> i invited them to our water demo that night and they both showed up together that night. >> and did they tell you what their relationship was? >> very unclear what the relationship was, and they did mention that they had met at a conference in california. i remember thinking, as a woman, something's going on with this girl, like she does not know where this relationship stands, she wishes it was more. >> in fact, p.j. says even though lane was with ginger, he was putting the moves on her. >> i was hearing from him in e-mails and facebook constantly. almost every day if i was online he would be popping up instant messaging me. >> hitting on you? >> i felt like he was getting too close for comfort. >> soon
Mar 25, 2011 10:00pm EDT
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Mar 11, 2011 9:00pm PST
'm diane dwyer, coming up tonight we're monitoring all of the developments as the tsunami in japan turned deadly here in california. tonight the coast guard has suspended the search for a man swept away in crescent city. there is also extensive damage in santa cruz.bñco carrierring"0
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)